What's the mood like in your area?

Discussion in 'Elections' started by raeesa.hansrod@gmail.com, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Hi All

    With the local elections coming up there's probably a whole lot of emotions rising up around you. Emotions like excitement, enthusiasm, reluctance or even anger. In my area almost everyone wants to vote but they are just so confused about who to vote for. As a result it has led to many discussions and debates with family and friends around political parties, which really isn't a bad thing if it is controlled.

    Whats the mood like in your areas?
  2. In my area nobody seems to be bothered to vote, I keep telling them that every vote is needed, but it seems like they have given up hope for South Africa which is sad. EACH and EVERY vote counts and we need to get our votes in. The ANC was giving out t-shirts in Durban yesterday and the city was almost destroyed with rubbish and litter, this is NOT the city we want to live in!!!
  3. In Duduza emotions are mixed, some are saying that they won't vote because what they promised by these parties it's nor happening and some are saying they will vote just because things do happen even if they take time like houses in Masechaba one of the sections in Duduza it took more than 10 years before people got houses and the project is still continuing ,people are getting houses
  4. When asking for an opinion from someone in thokoza he said that " I don't think i am going to vote this year, at this moment no party deserves my vote none of them have proven to me that they are going to run this country adequately." Another said "I don't think im going to vote this year because they say voting is your voice but what should you ask yourself is that who is listening to your voice? because our so called politicians are working for their personal benefits

    Another said that he will vote out of patriotism.

    Bheki from spruit said that he will feel great as he believes it is the only way he has a voice and makes a difference by putting people that can make change
  5. Tthe IEC chair Mr Mashinini said that this morning political parties have till Tuesday midnight to campaign, interestingly the media reports are saying yesterday the political parties were doing a final push
  6. I spoke to Mr bafana Nkosi who asked why are we looking at the negative side of things that the government are doing, there is a lot of good things the government have done , this is clinics around out township, swimming pools, RDP houses , new hospitals are being built , the only thing we know is want as the community what are we doing the only thing we do is complain, people will never say anything if the government is doing a great job at the end of the day we are the community and government
  7. people i spoke to seem unwilling to vote claiming to be unhappy about all candidate on placards saying that they do not know them thus they cant trust people they havent seen or heard speaking,claiming no party has brought their candidates to address them on a public platform.

    Daveyton police station ; one of the candidates arrested allegedly for threatening someone, he is not locked up but will be summoned for court.

    Been with an IEC official and he told me they will be starting with the special votes on monday 1/08/2016-2/08/2016, he also has mixed feelings about the coming elections saying they will be praying for their lives.

    some people around ward 71 are saying the ANC is feeling the challenge more than ever after seeing the campaign which included Fikile Mbalula and one lady said that the ANC might be fearful for the upcoming elections thus campaigning very hard.

    Worrying factor is very few people claim to be willing to go the polls on wednesday
  8. Today I spoke to a lady, Victoria from Vosloorus and she said that she will vote because she believes she is making a difference... she wants a difference for the youth so that they can get jobs and stay away from drugs.

    I also spoke to Nombulelo from Vosloorus who wants to vote because she wants to get a house and they promised to get her one and she believes that they will.

    Lindiwe from Basothong said that she wants a difference in her area. They don't even have a clinic nearby.
  9. When speaking to Lebo from Dindela, she said that she will vote because she wants a job and a house.

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